What exactly is BAIDS?
The BAIDS (Business Advisory Implementation Development Services) Program is a pro bono, customizable program aimed at providing Black entrepreneurs and business owners with essential services they need to grow and succeed in this current market.
Who is BAIDS for?
The program is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs in the Black community. BAIDS is open to Black Canadian businesses of all sizes and types that have the desire to scale and succeed.
Why is BAIDS necessary?
Due to a variety of ongoing factors, including historical systemic racism and the COVID-19 pandemic, many Black businesses lack access to capital, resources, and information that is essential for successfully navigating the modern business world. The BBPA has developed BAIDS as part of its post-pandemic recovery plan to help Black businesses get established and thrive.
Where has the BAIDS Cross-Canada Outreach gone?
In 2021 and 2022, the BBPA team took BAIDS to Vancouver, BC; Edmonton, AB; Iqaluit, Nunavut; Saskatoon, SK; Thunder Bay, ON; Montreal, QC; St. John’s, NFL; Fredericton, NB; and Halifax, NS. We also held a virtual session for Charlottetown, PEI.
Who provides services to BAIDS clients?
The BAIDS program will enlist seasoned experts across a wide variety of professional categories to deliver services and mentorship programs. These highly qualified professionals will work directly with business leaders to provide education and perform evaluations and impact studies. Their efforts will serve to track, measure, and report on BAIDS’ outlined outcomes and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Do I have to pay for the program?
The BAIDS program is offered to approved applicants pro bono. The BBPA will compensate business professionals who successfully go through the request for proposal process to become a BAIDS service provider.
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