What is BAIDS?

Business Advisory Implementation and Development Services (BAIDS) primes and prepares Black enterprises for post COVID recovery and future economic success. Black professionals and experts deliver BAIDs programming through a Black perspective. The goal is for Black entrepreneurs to understand the rules, regulations and legal framework of operating a business.


Be Canada’s black business hub to train and expand Black entrepreneurial capabilities.


Ensure a better future for the whole Black community.

Who is BAIDS for?

BAIDS specifically targets business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs across Canada’s Black community. This nationwide program caters to small- and medium-scale businesses. Eligible companies can be family-owned or part of a franchise and can also be individually owned or run via a partnership.

Beyond technical requirements, BAIDS is for all Black businesses that have the zeal to scale up and thrive. Initially, the target cohort size is 325 businesses, but the final number of accepted applicants is dependent on funding.

Our Goals

  • Generate widespread awareness of this initiative across the country
  • Encourage large scale participation by Black professionals
  • Create more programs and opportunities within the Black community
  • Increased funding to offer a wider range of services to all Black professionals
  • Support 325 Black Business over four years

Our Team

Fran Delsol
Vice-President, National Partnerships, Outreach & Procurement BBPA
MacNaughton McLean
BAIDS Project Coordinator

Our Partners

Supporting Partners

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